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European Antique Commode

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We present you a great quality European Antique Commode, along with its great value of artistic touch. Having a simple design if you look at it from afar, but still can catch any antique furniture lovers from its texture and shape if you take a better and closer look. Feel the beauty of a natural color from the wooden material on this antique commode, the finishing touch from the varnish coating also can add a perfect color accent to it, especially when you put this antique furniture in your bedroom or in one of your favorite space in your home. Then with a set of artistic handle for the drawers, and excellent touch of the keyhole frame for the doors, those yellowish and golden color textures could really add some kind of elegant looks for this European Antique Commode.

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We have more than 35 years experience with European Antique Furniture. In 2013 we have started exporting quality furniture to Indonesia. You can find our furniture in Semarang, Central Java. We've got a wide range of cabinets, buffets, dining tables, grand pianos, chairs and dining sets.

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