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Europe has always had a strong desire to seek out quality furniture pieces – recognising an eye for quality, affluent continental Europeans are shunning the cheap mass produced standard furniture that characterised the 20th century and are searching for something with a little more character.

The attitudes and values of the affluent classes that rose during the colonial period, Britain, France, the Netherlands, in Germany and other former colonial powers remains meaning that they are always on the search for something valuable, attractive, high quality and most importantly - timeless. These values were adopted by the areas that were colonised as they sought to emulate the successes of the emerging middle class traders. This led to the rise of the antique dealer in Indonesia that is still celebrated today.


The Antiques Trade

The well-to-do of Europe have always sought to invest in quality and exotic furniture from all over the world. The high quality woods, furnishings and style of India, China, Indonesia and the rest of the Far East have always appealed to middle classes of Europe who like to stand out from the crowd – showing their wealth and introducing their peers to the classic designs and cultures from all over the world. In the colonial period, this meant that teak was transported to Europe to provide a luxury alternative option to beech and oak. The desire for eastern furniture meant that the antique dealer in Indonesia could send high quality eastern furniture to Europe while trading the best that Europe had to offer to Indonesia.

Today, the fine tradition of the antique dealer in Indonesia has permitted that trade to continue. With Indonesia an emerging economy and forging stronger links with the European Union, this desire for trade will only get stronger. More and more European antique dealers will be operating in Indonesia to bring the finest quality pieces to the emerging market. Indonesians who already have a large collection of European furniture have the opportunity to extend or even begin a collection of classic European antiques.


European Antiques Asia

We have been operating as an antique dealer in Indonesia since 2013 though we have over 35 years of experience in the quality furniture trade. We search the best sources across the Netherlands and Germany and beyond to bring modern Indonesia the best examples of contemporary and classic European furniture. Our famed and celebrated pieces use the best of high quality wood from Europe and Indonesia. With a long and celebrated history in the furniture trade, we sell the best quality Indonesian furniture to Europe and also trade the finest to Indonesia that Europe has to offer.

You may already have a collection of classic European furniture, passed down the generations and you now wish to complete your collection. Or perhaps you have one piece and wish expand on what you already have to create an overall theme in your home. We may be able to help find the antique that you are searching for – whether that is an older piece or a reproduction piece using much older wood, we trust that you will be confident in our expert service

Tentang kami

Kami memiliki lebih dari 35 tahun pengalaman dengan Barang Antik Eropa. Pada tahun 2013 kami sudah mulai mengekspor furnitur berkualitas ke Indonesia.
Anda dapat menemukan furniture kami di Semarang, Jawa Tengah. Kami punya berbagai lemari, buffet, meja makan, grand piano, kursi dan makan set.

Kunjungi kami di Semarang

  • Berpengalaman dengan barang-barang antik berkualitas sejak 1980!
  • Kami memliliki ratusan item barang antik di toko kami di Semarang, Jawa Tengah


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